Agri-Solutions Foliar Program

Foliar feeding or non-root feeding has been proven to be the most efficient way to feed the plant during of the most critical times in its life, just before the reproductive stage, V3-R1 in soybeans or V6-T1 in corn. During this time the plant is working overtime to set up leaves and increase dry weight to apply energy to the seed, once developed. By giving the plant a boost during this period the producer is lowering stress levels which directly equate to yield increases but also “convincing” the plant to produce more seeds because of the abundance of energy the plant has developed to put back into the new seed itself. Agri-Solutions foliar product, 310 Yield Booster, comes with a full micro-mix that offers the right mixture of all trace nutrients short of the kitchen sink. Why is it important to include a Micro-Mix? Justus von Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that yield is proportional to the amount of the most limiting nutrient. What Liebig was saying is that it doesn’t matter how much NPK is in the soil, if the plant is deficient in a different nutrient it will only yield as much as the limiting nutrient will allow. The picture to the left demonstrates the idea; the lowest stave is the most limiting nutrient, in this case Phosphorous. Trace nutrients are often overlooked and this inhibits the plants ability to fend off diseases and can cause stunting. The plant often times does not show any signs of being deficient of nutrients, but actually is, and this phenomenon is called hidden hunger. Any plant that has hidden hunger or any deficiency that is causing the plant to show symptoms is causing preventable and unneeded stress that greatly reduces yield. *310 Yield Booster is compatible with all glyphosate products and can be applied right on the field while spraying for weeds with the glyphosate herbicide.

*Agri-Solutions suggest jar testing before application of 310 Yield Booster with all glyphosate products to test compatibility; also, adding a water conditioner is suggested.

Potential Benefits of using a Foliar Fertilizer:

  • Supplying nutrients during periods of peak demand when an immediate response is desired.
  • Supplying certain nutrients, such as zinc, when soil or crop conditions are not conducive to root uptake.
  • Precise timing of nutrients related to quality characteristics to the crop being grown.
  • Providing a source of nutrients to temporarily satisfy crop demand until a soil application can be made.

Current Foliar Products:

  • 310 Yield Booster
  • 3-18-18
  • 9-18-9

All Agri-Solutions products are virtually non-corrosive. 

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