Agri-Solutions Starter Fertilizer Program

Agri-Solutions starter fertilizer is applied during planting, in furrow, either on top or a 2×2 placement (2 in. beside the seed and 2 in. below the seed). This placement offers and ideal situation for feeding the young plant. Agri-Solutions starter fertilizer will help the plant get the vital nutrients it needs while the other nutrients are tied up in the soil. Most times during planting season the ground temperature is still cool (especially if you no-till) and the soil microbes are not working very hard to release the nutrients that the plant needs. The boost that will be given to the young plant will cause it to enlarge its root mass making it possible to come into contact with more soil nutrients later in the plants life and making it more drought and disease resistant. By lowering the stress that is placed on the plant we are creating a higher yield potential thus making more money for you, the producer.

Current Products:

  • 6-24-6
  • 6-24-6 50/50
  • 6-24-6-1-Zn
  • 9-18-9
  • 9-18-9-1
  • 5-15-15

All Agri-Solutions products are virtually non-corrosive.

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