Why Agri-Solutions

The “art of growing crops profitably” is a continuous challenge in today’s agriculture. That is what Agri-Solutions, Inc. is all about.

Established in February, 1977, Agri-Solutions, Inc., formerly Agri-Gains Liquid Fertilizer, has been committed to providing superior quality starter and foliar liquid fertilizers. The manufacturing plant and corporate offices are located at Red Oak, Iowa. This location is ideal, because it places us near our raw material manufacturers and in the heart of the marketplace for our products.

Agri-Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge, facilities, equipment and staff to successfully serve the Midwest.

The information found on our web site about our main products will give you an insight to the types of products and programs we offer.

Our new Foliar Product is more user friendly. It can be applied throughout the day during the recommended growing cycle instead of just in the evenings like previous foliar products.

We are continuously researching new products to increase the farmers profitability. I invite you to call for more information on products you may need in your area and for more detail about our current products.